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Just nuts snacks is situated in Hartswater the heart of the Vaalharts Irrigation Scheme, a unique place that is fed from the Vaal river in Gauteng. Groundnuts is one of the commodities grown and processed by our mother company. This is one of several peanut processing plant in South Africa and processing approximately 4 000 tons of groundnuts yearly.
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Value is added to the raw groundnuts at Just Nuts Snacks. Here we roast peanuts for flavoring and for the manufacturing of peanut butter. The roasted peanuts are available in flavored Peanut Rack | Ons het net 8 flavours:  BBQ, RAISINS, SALTED, BILTONG, PERI-PERI, CHEESE & ONION, SALT & VINEGAR, CHILLI CHEESE. NEW ARRIVALS (BY FLAVOURS):   WASABI & MOCHA JAVA Our product has a unique taste and don’t vary throughout the year. We can guarantee a constant supply of the products due to the backing of the sorting and shelling company.
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If a customer is not entirely satisfied with the quality of our product, Just Nuts Snacks take full responsibility for our product.
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Just Nuts Snacks
Groundnuts is one of the commodities grown and processed by our mother company. This is one of the largest peanut processing plants in South Africa and processes approximately 4 000 tons of groundnuts yearly
Despite their name, peanuts aren’t really nuts at all but legumes like lentils and black beans. And the same heart-protective chemical found in red wine, resveratrol, is also found in the red skin of peanuts. Peanuts contain high quality plant protien. When comparing peanuts to similar foods, Peanuts have more protien then any other legume or nut. This, important for children, vegetarians and people eating more meatless meals.